Our Business

  • Our main operation within three major Ports in Penang Port, Lumut Port and Port Klang.
  • We also offer bunkering services at all east and west of Malaysia.
  • We have been voyaging our ways in providing excellent, effective and efficient services in the bunkering business.
  • In this industry, our indomitable strength is our ability to offer optimal solution in quality to price ratio.
  • We value the strong partnerships that we have long- established with our suppliers and customers in offerings prolong business connections.
  • We are entrusted by Jabatan Alam sekitar (JAS) to be their sea bearer for the transportation of waste and sludge oil in Malaysia.
  • Generally, we focus in :-
    - Bunkering services for all sea ports
    - Trading in Petroleum Products (all categories of fuel oil, diesel , gas oil and lubricating oils)
    - Supply of Spare Parts and Fresh Water
    - Transportation for Sea OPL (Outside Port Limit)
    - Transportation of Waste Oil disposal
    - Ship Chandlers
  • We also offer value-added supports in custom documentation for bonded goods.
  • Customizing to your demands at the shortest time possible , we manage and organize our suppliers in planned and efficient schedule.
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